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Students Can Save Thousands Of Dollars!

Westlawn has taken strong steps designed to lower education costs and assist students to follow their dreams and attain

their goals. These steps include new discounts for ABYC members, Westlawn’s unique zero-interest tuition payment plan,

and finding ways for students to obtain otherwise expensive design software at low or zero cost.

ABYC Members get a 20% discount on all Westlawn courses

All ABYC members (except for student members) receive a 20% discount on all Westlawn courses. Contact Westlawn

student services to confirm eligibility and apply:

Westlawn offers a ZERO-INTEREST tuition payment plan for all four modules of our professional diploma program, Yacht &

Boat Design, for our short course, Elements of Technical Boat Design, and for all our continuing-education courses. Com-

plete details are on the enrollment form for the course you are interested in. Monthly payments are low. The goal is for our

students to complete their studies at affordable prices and with no student-loan debt.

FREE Student AutoCAD!

Westlawn has arranged for active Westlawn students to download AutoCAD online directly from Autodesk. This is a full

version of AutoCAD student release. It is not a trial version. Active Westlawn students can log into the designated sign-up

page through the Westlawn student forum.

This is the lowest cost for full AutoCAD ever—

no cost!

The commercial price of

AutoCAD is $4,195, an enormous savings.

Orca3D Hull Modeling and Rhino General 3D-Modeling Software at Deep Discounts!

In addition, Westlawn has arranged with DRS C3 Advanced Technology Center for deep student discounts on the Orca3D

hull modeling plug-in software for Rhino, plus Rhino in addition, if needed.

Orca3D Level 1 (hull design and fairing with intact hydrostatics and stability) is $1,390 commercial but just $125 for

Westlawn students, a $1,265 savings!

Orca3D Level 2 (all of Level 1 plus speed/power analysis and weight and cost tracking) is $2,780 commercial but just

$250 for Westlawn students, a $2,530 savings!

Orca Level 1 is all that’s required to complete Westlawn studies, but it makes sense to take advantage of this student dis-

count to get Level 2, which will make your advanced work go more quickly and will serve you well in your career.

You need the general-purpose Rhino (Rhinoceros) 3D modeling program to run Orca3D. If you don’t already own Rhino,

DRS C3 Advanced Technology Center has arranged a special Westlawn discount package price for Orca3D plus Rhino, as


Orca3D Level 1 & Rhino $288 (commercial price $2,385)

Orca3D Level 1 & Rhino/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo $558 (commercial price $3,085)

Orca3D Level 2 & Rhino $401 (commercial price $3,775)

Orca3D Level 2 & Rhino/Flamingo/Penguin/Bongo $671 (commercial price $4,475)

Savings over the full commercial prices range from $2,907 to $3,804 depending on the package!

The minimum suite of basic CAD software needed to complete Westlawn’s full Yacht & Boat Design Program is AutoCAD

plus Orca3D Level 1 & Rhino. The total cost of this suite of CAD software programs is just $288!

This matches the lowest

cost for the minimum required CAD software ever!


Scan&Solve FEA/Simulation Software by Intact Solutions!

Students can download the student version of Intact Solutions’ Scan&Solve finite-element-analysis and simulation soft-

ware for free. The free student version has some limited functionality, so students may upgrade to the academic version of

Scan&Solve for $295. This is the full-featured commercial software at a special price. (The commercial price $995.)

Savings over the full commercial price is from $700 to $995!

To take advantage of these deep discounts for Westlawn, students must follow the student-purchase procedure on the

Westlawn student forum. You


be a currently active Westlawn student with a valid Westlawn student ID card.


20% Discount for ABYC Members



Tuition Payment Plan






Finite Element Analysis Software


Deep Discounts on 3D Software and

Simulation Software


Lowest Cost Ever for Basic-Course

CAD Software

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