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inal Fiscal Year 2014 collection numbers for The Sport Fish Restoration and Boating

Trust Fund (SFRBTF) are in and the news is good; receipts are up 4.9% over FY 2013

numbers for a total of $624.9 million. The lion share of this increase comes from $328 mil-

lion paid by boaters at the pump. SFRBTF serves as the backbone for conservation funding

in the United States. It serves as the critical funding pool for vital state and national recrea-

tional fishing and boating programs, including recreational boating safety programs; fisheries management; habitat con-

servation; vessel pump-out stations; water and boating access infrastructure programs; and aquatic resource education

programs; among others. Funding for the Trust Fund is attained through a “user pay” system. Taxes on fishing tackle equip-

ment, motorboat fuel, imported boats, and small engines are pooled together to create this fund. In turn, the funds are

then allocated to federal and state programs for wetlands conservation, sport fish restoration, boating safety, boating ac-

cess and facilities projects, and aquatic education and outreach.

The bipartisan Trust Fund has existed for nearly 60 years providing vital federal aid in a cooperative effort between federal

and state agencies, boaters and anglers, and has consistently been reauthorized and strengthened by Congress. Since its

creation, the Trust Fund has been refined and expanded by Congress. It is unquestionably the most valuable federal legis-

lation for anglers and fishery resources and boaters, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars each year to state fishing

and boating programs. The Trust Fund provides the core funding for each state’s sport fish restoration and boating safety

and education programs. SFRBTF is again up for reauthorization as part of a 2015 Highway Bill. As part of that reauthori-

zation, NMMA and its coalition partners in the Angling & Boating Alliance support the reauthorization the Sport Fish Resto-

ration & Boating Trust Fund.


ow at nearly 200 items of reference material, Westlawn’s online library has added much new material. Indeed, two

complete new sections have been added:

B) Nautical Glossaries: B1) Dictionaries and B2)

Translation Aids


L) Accident Investigation, Forensics, and Recon-


Students for whom English is their second lan-

guage will find the new English-to-other-language

glossaries very helpful. There are nautical glossa-

ries for:

- Chinese

- French

- German

- Italian

- Japanese

- Portuguese

- Spanish

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