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Know It All Contest Solution

to the September 2014 Question

On the Missing Feature in a Bulwark Frame

(This issue’s new Know it All question is on page 33)

The Know It All questions and correct answers are important design tips for students as well

as other marine professionals. We suggest that you file them away for future reference.

The Question Was:

What important feature is missing from the configura-

tion of the bulwark frame pictured in the photo on the


The Winners Are:

We received ten answers to the September 2014 Know

It All question. Amazingly, all ten were correct!! This

unprecedented demonstration of perspicacity, brain-

power, sagacity and gumption on the part of readers of

The Masthead

clearly indicates that our subscribers are

simply too smart for their own good. The correct an-

swers were sent in by: Bill Brailsford, CWO Scott Har-

roun USCG, Michael Dearborn, Eric Ogden, Pierre La-

Rochelle, Shawn Bartnett, James Hart, Tom Lathrop,

Jim Trimble and Leslie Newton Allen.

Naturally, only the first three correct answers received qualify to receive the Know It All Certificate, Westlawn T-shirt

and cap. These most expeditious of our brainiacs were Bill Brailsford, CWO Scott Harroun USCG, and Michael Dear-

born. We have no choice but to award each the official title of “Know It All.” Henceforth, these wizards must be ad-

dressed exclusively as “Mr. Know It All”

by all and sundry.

The Answer Is:

The bulwark rail is missing the very im-

portant limber hole. It is surprising how

often I see boat’s missing this feature.

Without the limber hole in each and

every bulwark frame, water will collect

and cause rust and corrosion or—on

wooden boats—decay. Indeed, there is a

brown spot in the corner of the bulwark

frame in the photograph, which looks—in

this photo—almost like it might be a

small hole. It is, however, a deep rust pit

well started.

As pictured in the drawing to the right,

the limber hole radius should be one-

third the depth of the bulwark frame. For

boats the limber should always be a

quarter of a circle in order to insure maxi-

mum open area. Ships—being much lar-

ger—can cut these limber openings

straight as a triangular opening, This is

because ships are so large that the lim-

ber area will be sufficient even when cut


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