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Design For Series Production


from the surface causing voids or air bubbles.

This type of problem is frequently associated

with deck details such as bosses around

hatches, coamings, the intersection between

cabin trunk sides and tops, etc. (Figure 4). The

designer often needs to seriously consider the

fabricator's problems and temper pure asthenic

objectives with practical boatbuilding require-



The phenomenal growth in recreational boating during

the post-war period can be tied directly to the develop-

ment of FRP as a boatbuilding material. Fiberglass con-

struction techniques made possible the high rate of

production output so necessary to satisfy expanding

market demands. The methods of fabrication using

FRP resulted in substantial cost savings for labor and

material through production economics, putting boat-

ing within the reach of millions of people. The final

product has relatively low maintenance and upkeep; a

key factor in our busy society.

During the early stages of development builders con-

centrated on the ease of fabrication that FRP provided

for hull and deck components. The potential econo-

mies were obvious from the start. However, the instal-

lation of interior components, electrical systems, ma-

chinery, plumbing, etc., followed traditional methods. In es-

sence, although the fabrication of hulls and decks entered

the new era, the rest of the assembly, in many instances,

followed time honored methods mainly developed from cus-

tom fabricators.

There is perhaps no greater area to exploit for cost savings

and potential profitability to the builder than reduction of

labor and/or material cost than the component and systems

segment of boatbuilding. Here the designer or engineer can

be of immense value to a company in developing efficient

component concepts, assembly technique, and workflow

systems. While traditional methods have their place in some

instances, the progressive profitable builder usually has

thrown away the book and employs techniques often bor-

rowed from other highly developed industries requiring effi-

cient, rapid, production output.

A few examples will illustrate some of the advances in these


Interior Fabrication - The early FRP boats utilized molded

Figure 3

Figure 4

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